A New Year party in the style of "1930's Chicago

The Novline team saw in the New Year, 2013, in gangster style and briefly plunged into the unusually beautiful and Mafia-like atmosphere of Chicago of the 1930s.

Long before the New a Year party, the central office of our company was transformed significantly. In the hall there appeared a New Year fir tree, which was creatively and unusually decorated not just with traditional baubles and garlands but with pistols, playing cards and other gangster objects as well. On the walls were placed themed posters and photographs of dangerous wanted criminals, the roles of which were played by the employees of our company.

On the December 29, an international Novline team is traditionally gathered for the New Year celebrations, with representatives from all the regions of Russia as well as from Ukraine and Belarus. It is worth noting that the majority of employees supported the idea and came according to the declared dress code. So on our holiday you could meet famous Mafiosi in hats, with cigars and with pistols in their belts, as well as beautiful ladies in furs and posh dresses styled with threaded buttons, gloves, and impossible hairstyles, created with great effort. All of this, and many other things down to the smallest detail, created a real gangster atmosphere throughout the whole evening!

At the entrance our guests were met by newspaper sellers and were offered the latest issue of news for purchase. There were amusing memes with the image of the always cheerful Charlie Chaplin, and an always sad gangster led the guests to the restaurant where in addition to the delicious treats there was a carefully thought out, themed, cultural entertainment program waiting for them. In the beginning, as has become tradition, a ceremony was held to award the best employees of GC Novline. This year, this honor was awarded to 33 company employees!

Вначале, уже по сложившейся традиции, была проведена церемония награждения Лучших сотрудников ГК НОВЛАЙН. В этом году этой чести было удостоено 33 сотрудника компании!!!

After the official segment and the traditional speech by the head of the company, the theme of the evening was announced and the announcer told us of the main activities that awaited our guests. So, over the whole celebration, in different ways employees earned golden coins (Novline shillings), participated in funny competitions, danced happily and provocatively, rested while chatting and observing the invited performers, and closer to the end a greatly anticipated lottery took place, where the bravest, risk-taking, successful participants received valuable prizes

The evening ended with a three-tiered cake with fireworks and applause from all the gathered guests!

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