The February 23 in the Novline Company, or "The men as children"

On February 22 a celebration of the Day of the Defenders of the Motherland was held in the Novline company!

This year, it was decided that we celebrate this holiday with a concept common to all subdivisions, "The men as children". Thus, from the evening, the central office of our company was filled with brightly coloured balloons and balloons in the shapes of cars, helicopters and tanks. The decoration set the general mood for the men's "children's" holiday and gave a joyful, positive atmosphere to the whole day! Our girls carefully prepared to congratulate the men and in advance came up with different, childish looks and took creative photographs, which were posted on the walls of the central office with wishes for our men. A little later, in "the glade", our men were to expect a surprise not childish at all. :)

On this day the most enterprising women, wishing to be the very first to congratulate the men, lined up at the entrance and met their young men, congratulated them and handed them gifts from the company - famous artistic adventure novels about heroes and knights familiar to us from childhood!

Closer to lunch, the first tank battle in the history of the company awaited our men. A whole city was set up in the central office, with houses, staff headquarters and firing lines. The men who were interested in doing so took control of radio-controlled tanks and completely forgot about lunch and the tasty treats prepared by our women. In the air, there was the vital spirit of competitiveness, heroism and selflessness. Our commanders lined up whole strategies and cooperated against a common enemy, and fought not for life but to the death. Meanwhile, a serious struggle for the main prize erupted between the winners of the first four games! The winner of the tank battle was Peter Levchenko, the Development Director. He received a set of two radio-controlled tanks as a gift, and can now organize tank battles from the comfort of his own home.

The holiday passed happily and creatively in Manufacturing Department where, thanks to the guidance and organizational abilities of our engineer and technician, Alla Makarchuk, congratulations were also organized for the men on February 23. During the course of the holiday, the most outstanding employees were awarded with commemorative medals, fun competitions took place and a delicious buffet was organized.

The girls in our separate subdivisions also creatively approached the congratulations of the men. In the combative subdivisions there was even a universal mobilization with a corresponding parade ground assembly; in one separate subdivision, the security company, there was a paper airplane launching competition. In a number of others, there were bowling tournaments. Everywhere, regardless of the program, the bravest defenders of the Fatherland were identified, the winners of one or another of the competitions!

Thus, we can safely say that in all of our subdivisions the women of the team warmly congratulated our men!

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