How we congratulated our women on March 8

On the eve of March 8, all the offices of our company flourished in the truest sense of the word! A multitude of different spring flowers and bright helium balloons decorated the office and workplaces of our girls. On this day, many warm congratulations from the men of the company awaited our women; there were many surprises and unexpected things, as well as lots and lots of fruit, candy and other treats. A festive atmosphere was maintained throughout the whole day!

Now we will tell you what it was like...

The men of the central office decided to take a counter measure and in advance undertook a photo session for our girls, under the general motto of "We surrender!" On the eve of the celebration, our men carefully prepared for the March 8 festivities... by simply vanishing from the office... In the morning, when the women came to work, in their workplaces they found graceful flowers, confectionery and bottles of champagne, but not a single man was to be found in the office... Exactly at 9:00, a video greeting was broadcasted on a big screen, having been skillfully directed and sent by our men.

A little later, unexpected events began to unfold, and it turned out that today pest control would come to rid the place of insects and everyone was required to leave their offices. Under the guidance of specialists of the Health Inspection Services all the girls were directed to the third floor, where after some time the managers of the company heard strange sounds, sounds of a struggle, after which lawbreakers were thrown out from the office... and a presentation began! The breachers of the peace turned out to be dancers of two, bright kinds, "police" and "angels". After the end of dance program, our elegantly dressed men came out to congratulate the women with International Women' Day and to hand them gifts - vouchers for cosmetics stores and T-shirts with their photographs on. However, the surprises did not end with this. At reception, each girl could take fortune cookies. What is surprising is that many predictions came true! After lunch, in the halls of the third and fourth floors, chocolate fountains were installed and a sweet buffet was organized, where all those who wished could treat themselves to all sorts of fruits in tasty Belgian white and milk chocolate.

This time holiday events developed in other structural subdivisions of our company as well. In Manufacturing Department, the men met the women at the entrance, congratulated them and gave gifts. The men prepared a tasty breakfast with love and special care. As such, from the very early morning the girls were charged with positive emotions, an excellent mood and could treat themselves to fruits in chocolate! In the daytime, yet another surprise awaited the girls. To the admiring and surprised looks of the girls, the men performed a whole concert program, singing songs and reading poems. In the Central Distribution Warehouse at night the distribution center employees also sincerely appreciated the decoration of the offices, and in the morning they received the warmest and tender wishes and congratulations from their colleagues.

The celebration of March 8 seized our separate subdivisions, where men also, showing imagination and resourcefulness, congratulated their women in an interesting way.

Thus, a light and festive spring atmosphere captured all the subdivisions of our company in Russia and Ukraine, and all their colleagues warmly congratulated all the women of the Novline Company!

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