The Novline Summer Camp

On May 31, the last day of spring, the annual sports gathering of Novline company employees was held.
This year we joyfully went to the "Oboyma" paint-ball club, where a real summer camp was held in the time of the USSR. We liked the club's history and decided to create our own summer camp, genuinely sporty and active, where everyone could find an activity that suited them. 

The corporate event began with general construction and the solemn initiation of the campers. Also on this day, many trials awaited our employees. Some took an active part in sporting contests, where they were separated into teams, and quickly passed through difficult stages. They passed over a rocking log and a maze where the result depended upon all team members' clarity and coherence. There were competitions in creativity and agility, flexibility and attentiveness.

At the same there was a volleyball tournament between the other employees, something that has already become traditional in our company. This year five teams participated: two teams from Central Office, a team from Manufacturing Department, a team from the Central Distribution Warehouse and our guests, a team from the Construct Company. The Manufacturing Department Team successfully and unconditionally took victory for the second year in a row, leaving not a single chance for all the others.

After a break for a barbecue and a chat, a heated struggle broke out among participants of a paintball tournament, held on abandoned land under conditions as close to real as possible. Many fell in the capture of the village and left the field of battle, having sustained dangerous wounds, but the best prevailed and captured the building, demonstrating that in a bitter struggle with the proper skill, dexterity and coordination of actions, when one comrade covers another fighting comrade, one can achieve the impossible.

Nevertheless, every real camper, we think, must be able to do everything, not just achieve the highest results in sporting competitions, but also should be artistically developed, to be able to make a real piece of art from an ordinary object. Thus, our campers were invited to try their hand at design and learn about glass painting and the production of fine picture frames under the guidance of experienced teachers.

At the end of the evening an awards ceremony was held, where the winners of the sporting competitions were recognized with diplomas, and awarded cups and medals to the applause of their colleagues. Thus our day slowly came to an end. We released 150 balloons into the sky and we had to bid farewell to the camp. We will return again, but that will be next year...

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