The 12-year anniversary of the company!

On September 20, the Novline Company celebrated its 12th anniversary!

This year our office acquired an autumn color: yellow, green and red balls flew around the office, colorful and vibrant posters adorned the walls, and bouquets of real maple leaves, tastefully arranged by coworkers of the HR department, created a cozy autumn mood. Photographs of all of the events of the year floated all around the central office, literally in a state of weightlessness. Employees went around the office with interest, looked at the photographs and shared memories.

Especially for the 12-year anniversary of the company, 12 different activities and events, competitions and surprises for employees were prepared, beginning long before the day itself. Thus, a pre-festive atmosphere reigned in the office for several days.

Thanks to the variety of competitions and activities, each employee could choose and prove himself or herself in whatever was closer and more interesting for them. We had a photo competition, a children's art competition, a motivator's competition, activities of "For me, Novline is..." and "From the past year, I remember most...", and a quiz on knowledge of the history, products and corporate life of the company. The greatest employee activity was in the motivator's competition, where our colleagues were asked to come up with a motivator on the theme of "work", demonstrating a creative approach in the composition of text and the selection of photographs from their personal collection. During the quizzes, office work in the direct sense was suspended, as everyone wanted to be first. We didn't bypass the attention of the young children and grandchildren of company employees, and asked them to come up with a piece of handicraft or to draw a picture on the theme of "autumn". As a result of a voting procedure all winners of course were awarded with valuable and original gifts.

It is worth separately mentioning the activity "Many thanks"' which we are sure has become another one of the kind traditions in our company. Over the period of a week, our colleagues, independently of their positions, said "thank you" to one another, thanking them for their work, mutual assistance, good mood and kind words. The scope of the activity was truthfully impressive! A few "thanks" flew over to us from Rhodes, where a colleague was vacationing. She laid out the word "Thank you" in pebbles on the sand for her boss.

However, the pleasant surprises did not end here. On the day itself, employees found unusual gifts on their desks - puzzles made from photographs of their colleagues, which had to be assembled with haste and presented to the colleagues, and congratulatory cards, only 12 of which gave the opportunity to win a prize. It is difficult to put into words the joy of the 12 lucky, random prizewinners who rushed over to the HR department for their cherished presents!

Having had a tasty breakfast of fruits and sweet pies, the employees were anticipating the continuation of the celebration at a bowling alley, where the third traditional company-wide bowling tournament was held. After a difficult, virtually equal fight, our winners were awarded with adventure sports sets, commemorative cups and diplomas.

As always, our colleagues from our affiliates joined the celebration, also brightly and richly celebrating the birthday of the company by conducting their own separate bowling tournaments.

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