A mudguard is a special product, which is installed to the rear section of the wheel arch of the vehicle with the purpose of deflecting dirt, water and gravel from under the wheels.

Effective protection of the car body from mud, water and gravel under the wheels.

Mudguards increase safety primarily for other road users. They are made of environmentally friendly plastic and possess high strength and sufficient elasticity.

A mudguard is important in the creation of a harmonious look of the vehicle. Its presence and shape makes the style harmony.


In the development of Novline mudguards, we use a method of 3D scanning of the vehicle wheel arches so the ready product is attached using the existing functional holes. Such an approach completely abandons drilling of the vehicle body.

Stages of Development:


Novline mudguards are produced from high quality, environmentally friendly thermoplastic elastomers; this material has the characteristics as follows:

Environmentally safe.
Neutral to aggressive chemical environments.
Stable in temperature difference from -50°C to +50°C.
Resistant to ultraviolet light.


Installation does not require interference with the design of the vehicle, as standard functional holes are used. The process takes a matter of minutes. The included fasteners guarantee the secure fit of the product


Mudguards are durable, do not require careful maintenance, offer high strength, and maintain their shape and all of their physical and mechanical properties in the harsh weather conditions (from -50°C to +50°C).

Mudguards form an aerodynamic air flow, which moves around the body in such a way that it maximally reduces the appearance of dirt particles settling on the vehicle. As the aesthetic completion of the wheel arches, they emphasis the beauty and elegance of the shape of your vehicle.

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