Wheel Arch Protection (Lockers)

Lockers are specially molded plastic cover, installed in the wheel arch of the vehicle with the purpose of protecting the body and other components of the vehicle.

Lockers protect the body of the vehicle against abrasive sandblasting effects and the negative effects of aggressive ice-melting chemicals, against excessive adhesion of snow and ice. They protect the paint film of the wheel arches of the vehicle.

The environmentally friendly material LDPE (low-density polyethylene) offers high strength. It maintains its physical properties over a temperature range from -60°C to +80°С.

Increases the level of sound insulation. It precisely copies the shape of the wheel arches, ensuring a perfect match with the mounting functional holes. The product is batched with the required mounting hardware and installation manual. It is easy and simple to install and does not damage paint film.


Novline lockers are developed individually for each vehicle. A 3D scanning method is used.

Stages of Development:


In the production of lockers Novline uses low-density polyethylene (LDPE), a high quality, environmentally friendly material which offers the following characteristics:

Impact resistance and resistance to abrasion.
Neutral to aggressive chemical environment.
Stable over temperature range from -60°C to +80°С.
Low thermal conductivity (which prevents the adhesion of snow and ice).

The use of just the fresh raw materials ensures stability of the consumer qualities of the product from product to product (from batch to batch).


Thanks to unique methods of development and production, these products are ideal for vehicles. Installation is undertaken with standard functional holes and the use of fixtures supplied. The process of locker installation takes only a few minutes.


Besides the protective function, the use of wheel arch protectors enables an increased level of sound isolation inside the car, and improves the aerodynamic characteristics of the vehicle.

The exact form-fit of the wheel arches and the corresponding functional holes in thee standard positions for the vehicle guarantees ease and simplicity of installation. Each component has installation manual, made available in a graphic form.

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