Thermoplastic Elastomers, Polyethylene, Polycarbonates

In this technological block, we offer the following product lines:

Manufacturing Technology

For the manufacture of our product lines within "Thermoplastic Elastomers, Polyethylene and Polycarbonates" we have implemented two technologies: "injection molding " and "vacuum forming". The use of either of these technologies depends on the tasks designated in separate projects.

Injection Molding




Vacuum Forming




Thermoplastic Elastomer (the marketing name for the material is polyurethane)

The Novline group is the first in the world to use thermoplastic elastomers in the automobile accessories industry. This material, innovative for the industry, possesses the following characteristics in comparison with traditional raw materials:

char-color.jpg The ability to correct colors with a high level of accuracy
char-chimic.jpg Durability against aggressive chemical environments

char-istir.jpg Resistance to abrasion
char-skolz.jpg Anti-slip

char-eco.jpg Environmentally clean
char-ves.jpg Relatively lightweight product

char-temper.jpg Resistance to temperature changes
char-uv.jpg Resistance to ultraviolet rays

char-elast.jpg Elasticity

Polyethylene (the full name of the material is low-pressure polyethylene)

As a material for the "Wheel Arch Protection", Mudguards, and Fenders product lines, we use modern materials, polyethylene. This material possesses the following characteristics:

char-color.jpg The ability to correct color with a high level of accuracy
char-chimic.jpg Resistance to aggressive chemical environments

udar.jpg Shock and abrasion resistance
Low thermal conductivity (prevents snow from sticking and freezing to ice)

Environmentally clean
char-ves.jpgRelative lightweight product

char-temper.jpgResistance to temperature change
char-uv.jpgResistance to UV