External Suppliers

The top management of our group recognizes the role and importance of the service component of any business. Our desire is to offer the client a quality product with the Novline philosophy is embodied in the detailed analysis of the global market for automobile accessories, and as a consequence, the careful audit of the quality control systems of candidate companies. As a result the following companies are the strategic partners of our group:

MontBlanc roof racks (Sweden)

The company, founded in 1947, initially focused its development on the search and embodiment of engineering solutions for the transportation of baggage by means of light transport. At present MontBlanc leads a number of OES projects, which indicates the high quality of the products and high level of engineering in the company. In its portfolio, MontBlanc has projects with the majority of the largest automobile manufacturers.

It is the proximity of the management philosophy and engineering approaches that have led to the partnership of Novline and MontBlanc.


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Fortus Mechanical Anti-theft systems (Russia)

"Fortus" mechanical anti-theft systems are the latest development in a generation of pin-less locks. A distinctive feature of the blocker in this system is the simplicity of its operation and ease of its use. To block and unblock the gearbox it is enough to turn the key in the lock. The individual approach to development of the lock for each specific model of vehicle enables its optimal installation and creates comfort in its use and does not violate the vehicle interior.


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RATI Armrests (Hungary)

The Rati KFT company is a manufacturer of armrests of the highest quality for the majority of existing makes of vehicles. The quality of the products issued has been confirmed by years of use and the participation of Rati in OEM/OES supplies to the leading automobile companies in Europe.

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Motordrome Spoilers and Decorative Body Kits (Greece)

The MOTORDROME company has more than 25 years of experience in developments related to aerodynamics and the improvement of the external appearance of vehicles. The company is an authorized OEM/OES supplier to the leading automobile companies in Europe. Among their clients are Honda, Nissan, KTM, Toyota, Yamaha and others. The MOTORDROME company uses the advanced technologies to produce injection moulds from hard aluminum alloys, with the help of a CNC machines. These ensure high quality and resistance to wear in mass manufacture. Powerful production lines have a high level of automation and are able to produce hundreds of different types of products every day.


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Aragon Towbars (Spain)

It is the leading manufacturer of towing devices. The products of the company are represented in more than 30 countries in the world, and are designed, and manufactured according to the requirements of the ISO-9001:2000 standard, confirmed by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance. The functional characteristics of Aragon products entirely comply with the requirements of directive 94/20/CE that in accordance with European practice is certified by the Ministry of Transport of Luxembourg.


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