Protective and Decorative Accessories

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Protective and decorative accessories are a group of products, which includes such parts as front and rear bumper protectors, side steps, doorsills, radiator grills.

Protective and decorative accessories protect the vehicle body from mechanical damage during collisions or running over obstacles.

Upon impact, they prevent the destruction of the bumper and prevent significant damage to the body.

They improve the aesthetic perception, serve as elements of design, and give individuality to the external appearance of the vehicle.


Products in the protective and decorative accessories group are developed individually for each vehicle in a configuration that is certified and offered on the Russian market. There is 100% guaranteed compatibility of the developed accessories with vehicles, without any improvements on-site.
In the production process high-precision laser cutting machines, robotized welding and computerized bending machines are used.
All products of this group are certified and the products comply with the required regulatory documents.

Stages of Development:


Protective and decorative accessories from Novline are made of Italian stainless steel, AISI 304, containing 18% chromium (Cr) and 10% nickel (Ni). Steel containing chromium from 12% to 18% does not rust in normal conditions. The characteristics of the material are:

High corrosion resistance
High hardness and springiness
Excellent weldability
Alloying elements - chromium (18%), nickel (10%)
Austenitic alloy (does not possess magnetic properties)


The products are developed in such a way that installation takes place in standard places or in free technical apertures, and does not require interference with the construction of the vehicle or the drilling of additional holes.
Front grills are always present on brackets, which are deformable upon impact. With the help of these brackets, the grills are attached to the load-bearing elements of the car body.


Protective and decorative accessories have additional features in the concept of a vehicle, giving it a finished look. They protect the different parts of the car from mechanical damage upon collisions or running over obstacles. Protective and decorative accessories are easily attached to free technical apertures.

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