Under shields

Engine under shields are metal parts, used to prevent mechanical damage to vehicle components and assemblies, placed in the engine room and underbody.

The main function of the product is to protect components and assemblies located in the underbody of the car frame and engine room from mechanical influences.

Stiffening ribs provide additional strength to the product. Special fastening elements with a cathode zinc coating eliminate thread galling. The products do not infringe upon the temperature control of the engine and exhaust system.

The polyester powder coating guarantees high corrosion resistance. The simplicity of installation is achieved by the construction of the under shield itself and its fastening elements.


Novline engine and transmission element under shields are developed individually for each vehicle, using a 3D scanning method. In the production process a high precision laser cutting machine, powerful bending machine and modern painting line are used.

Stages of Development:


In the production of Novline engine and transmission element under shields hot-rolled steel of a grade "Steel 3" is used. It offer the following characteristics:

Weldability without restrictions

Not susceptible to flaking

Not tended to temper brittleness


Installation of Novline engine and transmission element under shields does not require interference with the construction of the vehicle. They use standard technical holes. Together with the under shields special fasteners are supplied. Fasteners have a cathode zinc coating that eliminates thread galling even with prolonged use of the product.


The need for the presence of a under shield robustly mounted underneath is especially relevant in the off-road conditions of Russia.

Alongside this, besides the protective function, engine and transmission element under shields facilitate an improvement in the aerodynamic characteristics of the vehicle.

In the construction of the product technical apertures for the drainage of oil, lockable removable plugs, were provided to significantly facilitate technical maintenance.

Special dampers, made of a durable polymerized material with the desired characteristics of hardness, prevent the occurrence of vibration of the protector during motion and contact of the metal blade of the protector with the load-bearing elements of the car frame.

The excellent external appearance and durability of the coating is guaranteed due to the use of advanced technologies of painting with modern powder coatings, reliably protecting the product from corrosion.

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