In this production block, we offer the following product lines:

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Under shields
Protective and decorative accessories

Production Technologies

In the production of the items from "Under shields" category, hot-rolled steel is used and modern technologies are applied:

Laser cutting machine


Bending machine


Painting line


The characteristics of hot-rolled steel: St 3br GOST 16523-97 (Steel 3)

char-met-svar.jpg Weldability without restrictions
char-met-floken.jpg Not susceptible to flaking
char-met-hrupk.jpg Not tended to temper brittleness

In the production of the items from category "protective and decorative accessories" polished stainless steel AISI 304 is used:

The characteristics of polished stainless steel AISI 304

char-met-legir.jpg Alloying elements - chromium (18%), nickel (10%)
char-met-tverd.jpg High hardness and springiness
char-met-korroz.jpg High corrosion resistance
char-met-austen.jpg Austenitic alloy (does not possess magnetic properties)
char-met-svar.jpg Excellent weldability